hybrid youth workshop series and a resulting installation with a humanoid robot
Organised by C3 Foundation, in collaboration with the Hungarian National Talent Programme, Goethe-Institut Budapest and Let it Be! art agency.

In the autumn of 2022, a series of workshops was launched by the Shape your world! <19 competition with young participants under the title NAO(mi) and Us. In three online, one hybrid and one live workshop, participants learned about artificial intelligence and social robots through the example of the humanoid robot called NAO. Organised by the Goethe Institute, the robot has previously visited several cities across Europe, learning new skills, tricks and functions.

The result of the workshop is an installation created by the young people themselves. Here, visitors can interact with the robot and ask it for advice on a particular life situation. The robot will listen to the dilemma, and say whether it thinks the visitor has acted in an uncool manner in the story, or not. A special category on Reddit (subreddit) collects similar stories and often thousands of users cast their votes on yes or no. Compared to the freedom, eternity and facelessness of Internet forums, the robot allows for more personal interaction – although it still can’t act as a friend, and who knows if it’s giving a good evaluation?

The resulting installation was presented in the exhibition ‘Game no game‘ at Deák17 Youth Gallery in Budapest until the 25th of February 2023

Creators: Anna Bartúcz, Dávid Fegyver, Bori Fendrik, Sári Fernezelyi, Marcell Gátos, Béla Király, Sára Márton Dóra, Gergő Orosz, Gábor Prill, Mátyás Biró

Workshop concept and lead: Anna Tüdős