Borders Shaping Perceptions of European Societies (B-SHAPES) is a Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Action project analyzing and assessing how borders still are a key factor in how we understand societies. Eight European universities, one research institute, a national museum, a foundation, a political association, a consultancy, and an art collective have come together for three years. In cooperation with Europeans living in border regions, we will examine the role of borders under three lenses:  

  1. Euroscepticism in border regions,
  2. minorities in border regions, and 
  3. border landscapes as heritage.

The special border region focus promises new insights on how borders shape perceptions of societies, but also how the story of borders can be narrated differently than from a purely national perspective.

Arts-based research exploring perceptions of European borders

As part of B-SHAPES, Anna Tudos is commissioned to design and deliver border-themed arts-based research with young people belonging to national minority groups living in border towns. Within the workshops participants will explore their feelings towards borders and in relation to both media narratives and lived experience.

Following the principles of Citizen Science, the workshops will use material gathered from the first phase of the research, newspaper headlines and article cutouts. In this way, the arts activity also serves to involve participants in the analysis process.

B-SHAPES is a part of the European Union’s research program Horizon Europe and is coordinated by the Centre of Border Region Studies at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU).