Joint programme of Veszprém Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture and PAD Foundation

Since 2022, Anna Tudos has been a part of the curatorial team for BALATORIUM’s arts programme. BALATORIUM is a collaboration among researchers and artists for Lake Balaton in Hungary. It aims to make the complex ecosystem of the lake visible through cultural programmes and to contribute to the social dialogue on vital issues concerning the future.

Climate change and change in land use affect lake Balaton significantly. In many cases, intensified land use, the decline of natural and semi-natural habitats, human overuse and overdevelopment trigger chain reactions which cause changes affecting more extended areas. Ecologically, socially and economically sustainable responses are needed.

The arts programme includes talks, workshops, small-scale art installations, screenings and performances. The performative walk series, ‘SLOWWALK’ covers key sites in the ecological networks of the Balaton Uplands. Participants experience the unique characteristics and ecological aspects of the landscape in a shared and experiential way. The series encourages us to look at the ecosystems of Lake Balaton with a new kind of attention – to explore not only how humans shape the landscape, but also how the landscape can affect humans.

SLOWWALK creators: Zsófia Szonja Illés, Dávid Somló, Gergely Schell & J.A.Tillmann, Csilla Hódi, Boglárka Lutz & Dénes Türei, szabadonbalaton collective (Diana Berecz, Daniel Bozzai, Eva Bubla, Bence Fülöp, Barnabás Neogrády-Kiss, Ágnes Vári, András Zlinszky), Bence Pálinkás, Zilahi Anna

AIR programme participants: Fuzzy collective, The New Liquidity, Ouazzani Carrier, Péter Mátyási, Ádám Ulbert, Rita Süveges, Kitti Gosztola, Mathilde Dewavrin, Jeanne Astrup-Chauvaux, Garance Maurer, Ana Brotas

Photos by Barnabás Neogrády-Kiss and Zsuzsi Simon

2023 – BALATORIUM beach library and connecting events

In 2023, while still being involved in the curatorial conceptualisation of the events, Anna was also responsible for a new project, the BALATORIUM beach library. This library contains the main references of the ecological challenges related to Lake Balaton. By collecting recommendations from different participants of the BALATORIUM, it has been created to serve as an expandable knowledge base.

The materials it contains take many different forms, including monographs, photo albums, scientific publications, zines and tourist guides. The aim of the library is to provide a selection of material for a wide range of audiences, respresenting the interwoven nature of themes related to the lake. Notes and bookmarks, as well as recommendations from researchers, artists and other professionals involved in BALATORIUM helps finding the way around the collection.

The beach library is BALATORIUM project’s collection, and is therefore a showcase for the print, photography and other material produced under the programme. The library contains documentation of the SLOWWALK programme series developed by the szabadonbalaton team, important references of the BALATORIUM AIR participants and the recommendations of the experts of the Balaton Friendly Garden project.

The beach library made its debut at the BALATORIUM Cultural and Ecological Weekend in August 2023, where volumes such as the Balaton Nature Guide (ed. Lajos Vörös), the Mischiefs at Lake Balaton (Miklós Rónaszegi) and extrodæsia: Encyclopaedia for a world beyond human-centredness (ed. xtro realm) were available for reading on the Örvényes beach, in the immediate vicinity of Lake Balaton. Connecting events helped to engage with the materials creatively (by creating collaged or stamped bookmarks, riso-printed postcards and posters) but also more deeply, via discussions with authors, researchers, and artist-scientist duos.

Supported by the British Council, Anna also facilitated two zine-making workshops at Örvényes, titled ‘Animals Around Us’. The sessions primarily aimed to engage young people in creative activities exploring birds, fish, and zooplankton living on the shore and in the water. During the workshop, participants could use materials from and related to the BALATORIUM beach library. Their task was to create a small booklet by collaging selected quotes and images, framed by ideas of British philosopher Timothy Morton. The session explored questions such as: What role do animals play in our lives? What does Lake Balaton look like from their point of view?

The beach library project was conceptualised by szabadonbalaton, its realisation organised by the PAD Foundation and supported by the VEB23 European Capital of Culture project.

Curator: Anna Tüdős
Professional guidance: Diána Berecz, András Zlinszky
Design: Gubahámori

2022 – SLOWWALKS, BALATORIUM AIR and the Ecological X Cultural Weekend

Read an article in Hungarian about the 2022 Ecological and Cultural Weekend by Anna here.

As part of BALATORIUM’s Ecological Weekend in 2022, Anna also curated a film screening and tasting event with BÜRO imaginaire, under the title ‘The wine of the future, the future of wine’.
The screened film, the documentary Grand Cru (dir. David Eng, 2017) follows Burgundian winemaker Pascal Marchand’s 2016 season, which was complicated by devastating frosts, hailstorms and the emergence of grape diseases. As well as a love of winemaking, the film confronts us with the unpredictable and devastating consequences of the climate crisis.

The screening was accompanied by themed snacks and drinks and an introductory discussion for an audience hungry to experience the film and reflect on the future together.

Discussion partner: Barnabás Kovács, local wine-maker and educator