I’m (not) a robot

workshop series on artificial intelligence for young people
in collaboration with Ars Electronica, Goethe Institut, C3 Foundation

When we ask ourselves ‘How is a different life possible?’, we can only start by thinking about our current environment. How is artificial intelligence influencing our lives, and how can we imagine a future together with this technology? During the workshops programmed by Anna Tudos, participants get introduced to the basics of AI, to each other, and use their ideas to engage in creating an Action Plan for our future with this technology. In the resulting booklets, they consider not just the need for new technology and new ethics, but also in which areas of life we would like to slow down, practice care, and connect more to Planet A.

2022 – Ars Electronica Festival Youth Exchange

The 5-day workshop was reflecting on what it means to be human for the Ars Electronica Festival 2022, which had the main theme: ‘Welcome to Planet B. A different life is possible – but how?’.

The resulting zine: Human/Robot Times was made 100% by participants and launched as part of the festival. For the best experience get in touch, download, and print it!

Creators: Carolina Bickel (DE), Dávid Fegyver (HU), Borbála Fendrik (HU), Sára Ferancová (CZ), Sára Fernezelyi (HU), Marcel Gátos (HU), Neo Klinger (AT), Hanna Regina Krecht (HU), Amálie Leciánová (CZ), Lukas Lischke (DE), Eliah Lohr (DE), Marie Lukášová (CZ), Sarah Mayrhofer (AT), Veronika Pochylá (CZ), Eliška Porubová (CZ), Áron Simon (HU) and Ismini Vafiadu (CZ).
Workshop assistance: Maria Sonnleithner, Tomáš Urbánek, František Dvořák


2020 – Goethe Institute Budapest

The workshop aiming to engage the A-Generation (A meaning Algorithm, 18-30) was searching for answers to the following question among others: Can we create a rational AI user’s manual for future societies?

The outcome was a User’s Manual for AI: