22nd International Play Association Triennial World Conference
6th of June 2023

Short film ‘Brut. Body. Building – Once there is space, there is breath’

single-channel video, ’28:39
Editing and concept: Marija Nemcenko Video: Abigail Ponce Hardy BRUT summer NON school team: Catharine Hotchkiss, Elisabeth Hudson, Henrietta Eagle-Wilsher, Anna Tüdős, Moussa Wariraye Special thanks to: Civic House, Glasgow Tool Library, LINKES Community Project

Download research posters from BRUT’s website: http://brutcollective.com/brut-summer-non-school/

“Our Stadium” – a Talk by Artistic Duo Marija Nemčenko and Anna Tüdős at the European Humanities University: https://www.facebook.com/EHUOfficial/videos/1233396587097631

Publication: BRUT Boredom. High-rises, emptiness and play: https://annatudos.com/brut-boredom/
Epilogue: http://www.brutcollective.com/brut-boredom-book/epilogue.pdf