Reclaiming Our Heritage

with Roundabout collective
programming and developing a series of workshops
in various communities in Scotland
building on the Reclaiming Our Heritage Archive

I worked with the Scottish Mental Health Art Festival to activate their oral history archive, which explores the history of art & mental health from the 1950s to 2000.

Participants of the workshop series had an opportunity to listen to a curated selection of audio clips from the oral history archive, then worked with printed quotes and collage materials to create their zines. This offered a creative way to respond to the stories in the archive and represent their own experiences with mental health and the arts. 

Thank you to participants connected with Artlink Central, CAPS Independent Advocacy, Moray Wellbeing Hub, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, North Ayrshire Wellbeing & Recovery College, See Me and VOX Scotland, as well as members of the public, who have contributed their zines to the archive. 

You can explore the finished zines, a podcast and learning resources helping you get into zine-making on the website of Reclaiming Our Heritage: