Stone Soup

Every Soup Has a Story to Tell
lecture performance at Šopa Gallery, Košice, Slovakia
10th of July 2023

Curators Judit Szalipszki and Anna Tudos from BÜRO imaginaire have arrived from Budapest, and they claim to be able to make stone soup! Although they only need a single stone to create a delicious soup, it could improve the sensory experience if participants would bring one of their favourite soup ingredients for the garnish. The dish will be made up of these various edible and intangible additives, but also act as a melting pot for tangled cultural histories and personal experiences.

The event provided insight into BÜRO’s embodied curatorial practice and created space for discussion over a boiling pot, through communal food-making. The screening of the video work ‘Cassava show’ by Eszter Ágnes Szabó further contributed to the explorations of themes such as food as a metaphor as well as a vehicle for attachment, heritage, nationalism as well as how changes in the climate magnify these patterns.

Photos by Peter Michal.

Tudos, A., Szalipszki, J., Cooking with Stones In: On the Same Page, Kálmán, R., Páldi, L., Sevic, K. (eds.) OFF- Biennale Budapest, 2022
Illustrated by Indrė Šimkutė

‘Cooking soup is something we all know. It is embodied knowledge.’ 

However, we believe that soup does not only nourish the stomach and warm the soul but if we really consider soupmaking and take it as a metaphor, it may also help us to reflect on our practices or projects that involve collaboration. Do you have a common garden? Are you the one organising weekend trips for your friend circle? Working in your team stresses you out? Are you planning to start something from scratch? Soupmaking can help you.’