Tasty Projections

In collaboration with Glasgow Artist Moving Image Studio (GAMIS)

Tasty Projections is a micro film festival examining our relationship with food, ecology and sustainability through artists’ moving image, speculative fiction and animation.

The change in our climate has become palpable by now, and in the past years, the discourse on the climate emergency became a focal topic in mainstream media as well. However, one source of emissions that is often overlooked is literally in front of us every day: our food. Food systems are significant contributors to the climate crisis with meat and dairy the greatest culprits, therefore, our food consumption is an area that connects us to global ecosystems.

The question ‘How could we reshape our culinary future?’ is central to scientists, politicians, farmers, consumers, as well as creatives. With a climatically and ecologically uncertain future ahead of us, we believe we need to count on the creative and imaginative potential of artists, filmmakers and designers to help us in conceptualizing radical futures – utopias and dystopias included.

The purpose of this minifestival was to showcase how the genres of science and climate fiction imagine human society’s response to these issues and contemplate possibilities of adaptation to this profound and imminent transformation of current food systems. The films screened in the frameworks of the festival combined ecocritical and postcolonial angles, shifting between the scales of locality and globality, of micro and macro perspectives, from abundance to scarcity.

The programme included the films Soylent Green by Richard Fleischer, 1973 (USA), Perfect Sense by David Mackenzie, 2011 (SCOT), BUGS by Andreas Johnsen, 2016 (DK), Wild Relatives by Jumanna Manna, 2018 (GER), Flux Gourmet by Peter Strickland, 2022 (UK), Family Jewels by Eleonora Endreva & Leo Williams, 2018 (US), Scenes with Beans by Ottó Foky, 1976 (HU) and Babobilicons by Daina Krumins, 1982 (US). Glasgow Seed Library hosted a workshop connected to Scenes with Beans and Wild Relatives under the title Caring for Seeds and in collaboration with the Glasgow Zine Library, there was a selection of food-related zines on display. Curated light snacks and drinks accompanied the screenings.

Cinema: New Phoenix, 138 Niddrie Rd, Glasgow G42 8PR (GAMIS)

Supported by Film Hub Scotland, part of the BFI’s Film Audience Network, and funded by Screen Scotland and National Lottery funding from the BFI.

Partners: Glasgow Zine LibraryGlasgow Food Policy PartnershipFarmeramaMOLD MagazinePotluck zineBroccoli MagazineA&E collective

Photographs by Erika Stevenson