Wave zine

collaborative international zine
13.3 x 19cm, 24 pages, risograph printing, staple bound

Fanni Solymar and Anna Tudos proposed the idea of this zine amidst the strictest lockdown restrictions – they wanted to give a group of international artists a creative task, something to do freely. The task wask to correspond to a common theme: the wave.

A swaying motion. To and from. Up and down. Change. There is never one singular wave. There is always a second. And a third. Curling into an arched form and breaking on the shore. Nouvelle Vague. Football fans moving in one mass. Noise. An earthquake. You name it.

Featuring contributions from Julia Joó, Anna Wachsmuth, Lucia Ott, Karla Krey, Miriam Sentler, Luca Petrányi, Balázs Varju Tóth, Ben Maier, Anna Tüdős, Fanni Solymár

Risoprinted at Hurrikan Press in Budapest in 2021. Presented at ISBN books+gallery in Budapest alongside a postcard-making workshop.